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Our Kosher Salt is certified.

Any salt can be kosher if it’s produced under kosher supervision, but it’s not because of Jewish dietary guidelines that kosher salt originally got its name. Some salt which is labeled “kosher salt” may actually not be kosher at all! (Though ours is.)

Kosher salt’s original purpose was to kosher meat. This means to remove the blood from meat, so it’s really koshering salt. In the past salt manufacturing companies labeled the boxes of this coarse type of salt “kosher salt” rather than koshering salt, and the name stuck.

It is less refined than table salt. It has larger flakes which do not compact together as neatly as regular salt, so a pinch is a little coarser and not as dense.

Kosher salt is very versatile. It is great to use for seasoning before, during and after cooking. It is especially good for seasoning meat before cooking. The coarse flakes do not dissolve as readily as other salts, which makes it easier to control the amount of seasoning added.

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110g jar, 110g sachet, Gift Set Box, Gift Set Bag