Serving Suggestions

Our range of culinary delights are quite easy to use. Most often it is a matter of substituting ingredients.

For example, instead of using plain salt or sugar in a recipe, try adding some smoked salt or sugar. The smoky flavour can be quite strong, and the amount used will depend on your personal preference.  Experiment a little.

The same goes for Tasmanian Pepperberry. It makes an amazing alternative to black pepper. Just go easy on the grinder as it is a little spicier.

Combinations such as Mountain Pepperberry salt, and Beetroot finishing salt are also available. 

Buy, try and share your ideas for using these products.

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Salt and Pepper Squid.

Pepperberries are a stronger pepper taste than normal pepper.

Try your salt and pepper squid with Tasmanian mountain pepperberries, either by themselves or with our Himalayan salt combo.

Or substitute table salt with our smoked salt.

Beef Carppacio with Pepperberry in Brine

Beef Carpaccio dressed with Pepperberry in brine.

Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon with olive oil capers and Pepperberry.

Salad with Smoked Salt

A very simple and delicious idea to use your smoked salt.

Spinach, tomato and cucumber salad with olive oil and smoked salt.

Smoked Salt on Cheese

Tasmanian Pepperberry sprinkled on cheese.

An experience to delight the taste buds.

Tasmanian Pepperberry and Gin

Pepperberry and gin great combination.

Pour gin into a glass.

Next add strawberry slices and some blueberries, even frozen.

Fill glass with ice and a twist of the dried Pepperberry.

Pour tonic water over and stir.


Garlic and Pepperberry butter

Pepperberry and garlic butter.

Another example of simply swapping out the ingredients and replacing with some new flavours.

Olive and Pepperberry Tepanade

Olive and Pepperberry Tapenade.